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Video is dominating text now

Published on by earlgrey

tl;dr: just a crappy post about how i prefer video instead of text now. its not really a post that will excite you but i got to write something occasionally

Sure we read round articles that are text and when there is an article that has a video and text I am sure like myself you often read the text and leave the video. Partly for me this could be because I work on a night when everyone else is sleeping so I cant be listening to loud stuff.

Things are different now though and pretty much every time I go to find out some info on the internet I end up on youtube watching a tutorial.

Searching for a clay bar to remove the salt layer from my car paint I started with a google text search but very quickly ended up on youtube watching a tutorial.

on a related note as the internet gets bigger the sites I visit gets smaller.

google to research the product > youtube to see how to use it > amazon to buy the product

When my wee bairn is looking for something to do she gets out her Ipad and watches someone in a spiderman costume or some kids playing with kinder eggs on youtube. 
I have never been one to watch many films so I dont have Netflix and have never torrented, but my woman watches films all the time and she just picks one in Spanish from Youtube to watch.

It kinda feels a bit legacy to me now to be writing this when I should be doing a video, but because it kind of crept up on me so I am not setup to do video.

maybe it shifted for many people a long time ago but it only shifted for me recently


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