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The Agency was charging 30k a month the workers getting 3k a month

Published on by earlgrey

tl;dr: An SEO Agency was charging 30k a month but the end workers were charging 1500 a month. Lots of middlemen took their cut

A thread on twitter reminded me I was going to do this post for ages.

It is several years since and I dont have all the data so I am filling in the gaps and my memory is a bit clouded so not everything is accurate as it could be, but close enough.

I was approached by a friend a few years ago that wanted me to do SEO on 6 hotels.

He wasnt dealing direct with the hotels and was dealing with a middle man that was dealing with an SEO agency.

This is what I picked up.

Hotel company > London SEO agency >A blagger that was quoting > My friend > Me > Seo company owner > Workers doing the work.

These were all the people that i could pick up from what was going on.
There may have been more.

So the hotel company had asked a respectable London SEO agency to quote on the SEO for 6 hotels.
I remember a figure of 30k a month but i cant remeber where I pulled that from.

They asked a bullshitting blagger to quote to do the work.
I dont know what he quoted but it was probably a lot.

That could have been him that quoted the 30k so only god knows what the seo agency was charging.

He knew nothing about SEO so he asked my friend to quote.
My friend told me he added managment fees on.

My friend knew nothing about SEO so he asked me to quote. I Quoted  about 12k a month or therabouts

I passed it on to the person who was dealing with my SEO stuff and they quoted 6K a month or therabouts.

They were going to pay their 2 staff in the eastern bloc 1500 a month each so 3k in total.

Some of the figures may be way off, but in my mind from about 6 years ago it started out with someone saying it would cost 30kGBP a month and after it had been through half a dozen middle men the actual ones doing the work would be getting 1500GBP a month.

I been meaning to post this for ages but never got round to it.
Makes you wonder when you pay these expensive SEO Agencys their high prices for their exclusivity whie they sit in their fancy offices. Who is actually doing the work? Is it indians getting pennies?


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