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Note: I deleted the entire blog because lots of the information was obsolete. The best way to move on is to let go of the past for a new beginning.

Syndk8 is my fun site that I (Earl Grey) have played with since 2005 and I am trying to make it a bit more comprehensive. Lots of stuff here is my thoughts and some is me explaining seo or internet stuff to staff I am training.

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tl;dr: a changelog. what exactly am i supposed to say about it? its here and its published.

a fried egg to go with the bacon Writing this down so I know what I have done and where I did it.

I kind of forget about shit and 3 months passed before I know it. Or in the case of syndk8 i kind of forgot about it for like 7 or 8 years.

19th May 2005. Bought and used it for a few years and then at some point moved to because I got bored of the .net

Till about the 9th October 2015 it was kind of a blur. It was a fun time. I created this and that. Did some SEO tools that worked out well and some that didnt. Launched a few brands and careers.
Take my word for it but the past is the past so no point worrying about it.

No point going on about what I did on this site in the past. They were simpler times. The future is important.

10th October 2015. Found hosting logins. Poked and prodded at the hosting. Didnt really change much.

11th October 2015 . Decided wordpress is for sheep and plebs so decided to use a much simpler xml based cms.
Decided I am a Ghetto Journalist and as such I wont be using the /blog/ anymore and i am going old skool with /weblog/ instead. This took about 30 minites to decided.

Installed the new cms on and needed to take a nap afterwards.
Put a simple new blank homepage on and I will worry about padding it out with some fluff later.

Did the post to test the template.

Added the subscribe to post notication to the bottom thorugh mailchimp. Need to fix that shit as its a bit broken.

12th October 2015. Added the changelog.

phew. very tiring

Changing some stuff in the sidebar to add some links to people I know or sites i read.

Done about all I want to do for the sidebar for now.

Got to go and poke or prod the home page of the site till something happens, so its time for hand coding and ftp rather than a fancy point and click wyswyg.

13th October 2015. pretty sure i was doing something but it looks like i didnt update it. meh

14th October 2015. Making main home page of have a few boxes. Sticking an image in and changing a bit of css.

20th October 2015. The footer is set to be a sticky footer but there must be many bugs on the weblog in desktop browsers because its sticking to the footer as the page loads and setting its self to the middle of the page.
I kinda know what the problem is with the footer tag because it was wrong when i was cut and paste coding.

Guess i should have a poke and a prod

27th October 2015. If i remember right on the 20th i opened the site up and poked and prodded it but didnt do anything. The sticky footer is working perfect in ipad air 2 but reallt bad on normal site screen and desktops.
the sticky footer is really sticky and just sticks to the bottom when the page loads which is wrong. The footer needs to be at the bottom but i forgot how i did it on the home page so cant rember how to do it on the weblog. 

picking through code line by line sucks but i got to do it i guess.

so it seems it was one dodgy tag and now it may be fixed.

21st January 2016. Really? its a couple of months since I last touched the site? Seems like 2 minites ago.
Considering writing a post but I am considering wether to do a post about logos or my complete lack of direction for this site.

Just remebered i need to add the stats to the website. I have no idea if there are any on it. I never had any before on, or so it could be interesting.

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