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Note: I deleted the entire blog because lots of the information was obsolete. The best way to move on is to let go of the past for a new beginning.

Syndk8 is my fun site that I (Earl Grey) have played with since 2005 and I am trying to make it a bit more comprehensive. Lots of stuff here is my thoughts and some is me explaining seo or internet stuff to staff I am training.

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A new beginning for the Syndk8 Blog

Published on by earlgrey

tl;dr: Explanation of why Syndk8 changed and why I decided to delete all the content. A short roadmap of the future even though I have no clue what that is to be

testing an upload and i fancy some bacon

Every so often I must suddenly feel attention starved because I pick up the Syndk8 Blog and decide I want to restart my Ghetto Journalism career again.

In the past I have written on the now dead Earl of Grey blog and the blog (redirect now) which Irishwonder still actively writes on under a subdomain, as well as the blog and probably some more I have forgotten about. possibly even wrote on which is just a redirect as well now. all deleted now.

Quite often I post something that gets too much attention for the wrong reasons or i just get bored of writing and kind of quit, so I honestly dont know why i even try to write anywhere. My team of writers has grown so I never do any writing in my real business but want to write here instead. Go figure.

You got to admire people like Shoemoney who keep their mouthpieces live and consistently post pretty good stuff a lot even in an ever changing market.

Due to this site being my baby that was almost one of the first sites i set up i like to do everything myself on it even if it is done badly compared to what a highly skilled designer or specialist coder would do.

See why I dont write much? I use I a lot because I am kind of self centered and I only care about myself. Its not too engaging for the audience when there is a string of I in a post and its all me me me.

So anyway yeah. I just put the most simple template on the site to get it going and reduce friction rather than some fancy template that needs images and stuff. Keeping it simple will make it easier for me to get back into the rhythm of doing shit on Syndk8.

The main reason I want to get back to writing stuff is because so many non technical idiots and bullshitters are posting so much garbage nowadays it will be fun to address some of the posts they do and actually post how it really is.

Dont expect too much in the way of quality content and literary prose, but you can subscribe to my feed if you still use rss or fill out the form to subscribe to get an email if I ever get round to setting up the email thingy.

What happened to all the posts on the site since it started? Deleted the lot. they were out dated anyway.

I need a catchphrase to sign off with.

So yeah, mmm Whatever

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