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Note: I deleted the entire blog because lots of the information was obsolete. The best way to move on is to let go of the past for a new beginning.

Syndk8 is my fun site that I (Earl Grey) have played with since 2005 and I am trying to make it a bit more comprehensive. Lots of stuff here is my thoughts and some is me explaining seo or internet stuff to staff I am training.

If you want to read more about Earl Grey here is my Linkedin , Twitter and abandoned Google+. I don't have a personal facebook account because of their birth name policy and I value my privacy.

Welcome to Syndk8 Weblog

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tl;dr: Weblog index page with links to the best pages, most read pages and sections I think you should read or ones that fit in with my agenda

Earl Greys Ghetto Journalism goes semi live.

All roads lead to the weblog homepage

Many years ago i had a wordpress blog on the site but I really never did like it.

I decided to kill it and redirect everything to the /weblog/ folder.

Over time some of the older posts may come back

Maybe one day I will dig through wayback machine and pick out some of the better posts to recreate on this new cms because i also had some from my old buddie who is no longer with us and i wouldnt want to see them vanish forever.


Got an opinion? want to comment? Write it on your blog or twitter and tweet to @syndk8 or post in the forum.

We try and make everything as simple and easy to understand as possible. If you didnt understand something, we have failed so please let us know and we can correct it.

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