Privacy Policy

Pretty much everything we do on the internet is logged or tracked. stats and cookie policy here

People are now posting their entire identity on the internet and exposing themselves to hackers, stalkers and every creepy kind of wierdo out there.

If you are not one of the crazy people out there posting every tiny detail of your life on the internet and including pictures as well i have created a tiny privacy policy.

This is not a legally binding privacy policy and i am far from a lawyer so you read and decide what you want to make of it.

I will never disclose anything about you to anyone unless it affects me directly.

Of course i have my own self interests and i will look after myself before i will look after you.

Although people do say various stuff and some thats not nice on the internet it has never been said that i am untrustable because I have very strong ethics.

So trust me to keep your data and information safe if you want but of course dont trust me too much because i am human and have self survival instincts.

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