Back in the day Syndk8 was pretty much one of the first black hat seo forums but of course times change and i have changed. I was called the Father of Blackhat SEO (by a couple of people) but as we grow we change and its not really of interest now.

Syndk8 is kind of always in a flux while i decide which direction i want to take it in.

Currently i am really busy with my digital marketing company in Gibraltar and getting my Addiction Treatment Affiliate program up and running so i just cant put any resources to this site.

Recently i have been thinking of re-starting the Syndk8 SEO gatherings which when i lived in UK attracted over 50 people from across the world, but this time i will do them locally where i live in Gibraltar.

Anyway. I put up a tiny site as a holding page while i decide which direction it goes in

sidebar will be here, but i cant put it yet because i need to fix sticky footer first
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